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A fit body is only one part of the whole you.

QUESTION: Why is it that when we set off on a mission to lose weight, we attack it from all sides and attempt to change everything all at once? We buy the 30 day supply of weight-loss shakes and capsules, get a gym membership with the promise to self that we'll get up early and go before work. We buy new sneaks and clothes to coordinate the look. Oh and don't forget about the newest activity tracking device to count steps and monitor sleep. What is the common denominator in all of these things?


ANSWER: They all exist in our 'external' world. They live outside of self and will eventually no longer be the "shiny" and "new". At some point in the near future, the magic in those expensive shakes and capsules will lose their luster; hitting snooze on your phone because you're too tired to get up "this" early will become your new normal, and most of your well-earned money will have been once again squandered in attempts to motivate yourself to get something going. When we allocate the majority of our focus on external forces it displaces our God given personal willpower.  Buying in to gimmicky weight-loss marketing tricks sells us short of the real power we can harness that resides within us. Authentic, pure mental toughness is the stuff that cultivates long-term healthy living. And it all starts with the current state of your mindset. Mindset conditioning is something I've been studying for several years. Mindset dictates how we perceive ourselves and the world. A growth mindset places us in the driver seat whereas a fixed mindset makes us a passenger. 

Do you feel as though you're living each day going through the motions disconnected from joy, bliss and happiness?

Do you lack the motivation and discipline it requires to live your life with adventure and enthusiasm?

Is something missing from life but you can't put your finger on it?

Are you feeling drained most days while food cravings seem like their taking over?

Mindset is not an important thing. It's EVERYTHING.

What goes on between your ears determines the quality of your choices and habits. Get your mind right and your body will follow. Eating habits, exercise and mindset are interdependent on one another. Eating a balanced, nutrient dense diet is first and foremost the most essential part of the whole. The quality and quantity of exercise is what compliments your eating habits. Your mindset determines your trajectory in life. It is the lens through which you perceive yourself and the world. 



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