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Meet My Truth

Shifting my mindset all began with the belief in the possibility that I hold the key to transform my life. An unwavering belief in my abilities, a belief that I deserved better than the tales I was telling myself and an inner knowing that what I think about most of the time is what I'm attracting into my life. Thoughts are like magnets.

The idea that our thoughts make us who we are is not pseudo-science. Physicists and neurobiologists are being recognized for their work in this fascinating field for discovering that thoughts are made up of neuro-electrical patterns which have an energetic field extending far beyond human physiology.

"We are far more capable of accomplishing our dreams than we've been conditioned to believe."


Living a balanced and chaotic-free lifestyle that is abundantly filled with a sense of inner peace is our true essence. It's up to each of us to restore this natural state of being, and to attain and maintain a sense of equilibrium. It's time to awaken and rise up to meet YOUR truth.


Danielle Barnes is on a courageous path of self-discovery in recovery from alcohol addiction. Danielle's ability to speak her truth, even when her voice shakes, inspires others to step into the light of their own truth which has a dissolving effect on shame and self-doubt.

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