21 Day Reset

Are you ready for it?

*21 day plant-based food Program

*Receive Daily Lessons

*Daily 1 to 1 Dialogue with your coach

Condition your mental attitude. Awaken the courage to show

up for yourself everyday.

 "The best decision I ever made was to

believe in myself and apply my gifts

to be of service to others." D.Barnes

The 21 day reset goes way beyond weight loss. It's a new way of living and eating that builds true wellness from the inside out. As promised, this program will help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight, in addition to realigning with your best self.

Shifting your mindset all begins with the belief in the possibility that you can transform your life. An unwavering belief in your abilities, a belief that you deserve better and an inner knowing that what you think about most of the time is what you're attracting into your life. The idea that our thoughts make us who we are is not pseudo-science. Physicists and neurobiologists are being recognized for their work in this fascinating field for discovering that thoughts are made up of neuro-electrical patterns which have an energetic field extending far beyond human physiology. We are far more capable of accomplishing our dreams than we've been conditioned to think.


Living a balanced and chaotic-free lifestyle that is abundantly filled with a sense of inner peace is our true essence. It is up to each of us to restore this natural state of being, and to attain and maintain a sense of equilibrium.


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